The center of Portugal is a well-kept secret.

But a growing number of people from Portugal and around the world are falling in love with this enchanting region with its beautiful scenic valleys covered with luxuriant vegetation all year round, the sympathy of the people, vineyards that produce world-class wines, spectacular cities, picturesque towns and villages, historical and cultural monuments, buildings and events.

The climate contributes to an improved way of life, with warm winters, refreshing spring, plenty of sunshine and rains enough to keep rivers and beautiful lakes full even in the hottest summers. The Portuguese in this area, like much of the rest of Portugal, are friendly, respectful and helpful, but proud of their roots and traditions that remain very much alive.

Food is an important part of this Portuguese lifestyle and depending on the seasons there is a lot of fresh meat, fish, vegetables, cheeses to choose from at the local markets and shops to cook at home or, as a treat, in one of the many restaurants places.

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